We are specialist lawyers in commercial and corporate law

Companies, especially SMEs, can come to us with any questions they may have regarding commercial and corporate law. We work efficiently and find pragmatic solutions that best fit your company’s needs.

This includes drafting contracts, as well as representing your company in court to enforce your contractual claims. Furthermore, we accept appointments to the Board of Directors, and advise you on the interaction between politics and business. We provide advice to international clients regarding the establishment of companies, or on matters related to residence, in Switzerland. Our firm cultivates enduring relationships with our clients and we dedicate all our efforts to their best interests. Our services include the following:

Establishment and restructuring of companies

  • Formation of a joint stock company (AG), a limited liability company (GmbH) or a trust foundation
  • Establishment of companies in Switzerland
  • Establishment of branches
  • Mergers, restructuring exercises, split-offs, asset transfers
  • Due Diligence
  • Purchase and sale of companies
  • Real Estate Transactions (according to the Lex-Koller Ruling)
  • Joint Ventures
  • Registered Capital Increases and Reductions
  • Amendments to theArticles of Association (Company, Purpose, etc.) and Relocation of Domicile
  • Succession planning
  • Liquidations

Advice on commercial and corporate law matters and acting as a Member of the Board of Directors

  • Preparation and review of corporate contracts (shareholder agreements, share purchase agreements, contracts of employment, etc.)
  • External legal services and “Corporate Housekeeping” for ongoing legal advice and support as a subscribedservice package
  • Obtaining work and residence permits
  • Many years of experience in carrying out the duties of Member of the Board of Directors, Managing Director, or as a Member of the Board of Trustees, with extensive legal expertise.
  • Due Diligence
  • Consultancy on matters relating to corporate governance and compliance.
  • Relocation of private individuals’ residence to Switzerland
  • Support to companies and to the public service sector (cantonal, municipal, federal government) at the interface between politics and business

Succession planning

  • Consultation and advice on succession planning for companies
  • Execution of the succession plan (for example, inheritance contract, last will and testament, Later Life Plan, marriage contract, shareholders’ agreement, share purchase agreement, etc.)


  • Representation before all Swiss courts and before arbitration tribunals in matters related to corporate and commercial Law
  • Enforcement of, and defence against, contractual claims
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments in Switzerland
  • Precautionary Legal Protection (precautionary measures, preservation of evidence, safeguards such as registering a construction company’s lien)

Personal and dedicated service!

Daniel Grunder
Lawyer and Notary
Certified Swiss Inheritance Law specialist lawyer (SAV)

I am pleased to welcome you in person.

Daniel Grunder, Daniel Grunder, Lawyer and Notary Certified Swiss Inheritance Law specialist lawyer (SAV)