We draft and review contracts of all types

We draft every type of contract for you; from a contract of employment through a marriage contract, to a contract for works. Drafting and reviewing contracts, both for the corporate and private sectors, is central to our core competencies. Our extensive wealth of knowledge in commercial and inheritance law is at your service.

We also assist you in negotiating contracts and enforcing your contractual claims in court. Our services cover the following areas:

Employment and consumer rights

  • Contract of employment
  • Staff regulations
  • Mandates and orders
  • Purchase contracts

Corporate matters

  • Share purchase agreements
  • Loan agreements
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Organisational regulations
  • Collaboration agreements and joint ventures

Residential / real estate matters

  • Property purchase agreement
  • Beneficial use of property
  • Rights of residence
  • Lease or rental contracts
  • Works contracts

Family law

  • Prenuptialagreements
  • Cohabitation contracts
  • Inheritance contracts
  • Wealth management contracts
  • Gift and donationcontracts
  • Contracts regarding the settlement of estate division amongst heirs

Court cases

  • Litigation: representation before all Swiss courts and arbitration tribunals to enforce, or defend against, contractual claims;
  • Enforcementof foreign judgments in Switzerland
  • Precautionary legal protection for the enforcement of contractual claims (precautionary measures, preservation of evidence, securities such as registering builders’ liens)

Personal and dedicated service!

Ramona Williner
Lawyer and Notary

I am pleased to welcome you in person.

Williner Ramona – Lawyer and Notary